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Traditional properties often stand out for their classic architecture and beauty but unlike most modern builds, many lack modern comforts such as adequate ventilation, sound and thermal efficiency and security.

Here at Panorama windows however, we have a solution! We are the Midlands leading supplier of high quality secondary glazing which allows homeowners to keep old period / ornamental windows whilst still experiencing the benefits of modern double glazing.

What is Secondary Glazing?

Our secondary glazing in Wolverhampton consists of a fully independent external window which is fitted onto the room side of an existing single or double glazed window. The procedure is highly popular for heritage and listed buildings as the existing windows remain uncompromised, meaning properties can retain their unique character whilst taking advantage of the benefits of double glazing.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Secondary Glazing in Wolverhampton

Peace & Quiet – Well-fitted secondary glazing provides fantastic noise reduction – out performing double glazing! In fact, our glazing can reduce noise levels by up to 80% (50dB)!

Lower Energy Bills – The second barrier created by our glazing also eliminates draughts, reduces condensation and can reduce heat loss in your property by up to 65%, saving you money on your energy bills!

Safe & Secure – Secondary glazing also greatly enhances the security of any property as it is extremely difficult to open from the outside. However, if someone does attempt to force entry, the outer glazing will acts as a vibration sensitive alarm, warning home owners.

Unique Style – As already mentioned, secondary glazing enables your property to retain its unique interior and exterior appearance, this truly is unique given that today many new builds share common architectural characteristics. With Panorama Windows, you can still appreciate the character and style of your property whilst feeling comfortable and safe in your home.

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At Panorama Windows, we are the Midlands leading supplier of both secondary and double glazing and we are renowned for delivering an exceptional service and a wide choice of styles. Currently we offer:



So, if you are interested in secondary glazing for your property, domestic or commercial, choose Panorama Windows today! If you have any questions, or would like a quote then contact a member of our expert team today!

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